> Lake Superior Sept. 2008

Good-bye Knife River!
Daddy being funny
Knitting in the cockpit
Wind vane sailing in rough weather
things are piping up
too rough to get up
checking things out
Checking things out II
Rock of Ages
Coming into Isle Royale in style
wedding on the dock
We have apples
chow in the galley
Mark checks the propeller
drying out
special time
Passage Island comes into view
triumph! we reached Passage Island
failed family photo attempt
the mysterious chute
knitting/Sleeping Giant in the background
"We look like Jahna"
Sea Lion
4 years old today!
Killing time on a dead calm day
Killing time on a dead calm day 2
birthday cake
Lamar's new drum
"mothersong" on the new drum
our mascot, the flying fairy
pizza on the bow for supper
full moon as we near the Apostles
Save me Cedar!  Save me!
Cedar in her new favorite activity
Lamar can do it too
Mark's birthday party
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