> Knife River to Beaufort, NC--Fall 2012

Emma and Will and their knitting projects
Emma at the helm
Supper in the Apostles
Lamar is 8 years old!
DeTour Village
Our American Flag burial ceremony
Will getting hailed on on Lake Huron
Who was more excited--the giver or the receiver?
Coulter Holden at the helm
Storms on Lake Huron
The Sauter-Sargents come to play
Lamar read all the Frog and Toad books out loud
Can Will jump to the pier?
Can Will lift everyone at once?
Action with the mainsail
killing time on the erie canal 3
searching for a buoy--winner gets a lollipop!
sailing into the night on Lake Erie
taking down the mast 1
killing time on the Erie Canal
Daddy's birthday presents 2
the hours go by....
Daddy's birthday presents
Lamar is reading all the time!
Museum of Natural History, NYC
Putting up the mast 6
Putting up the mast 5
Putting up the mast 4
Putting up the mast 3
Cedar, Emma, Lamar in Manhattan
Putting up the mast 2
Dinghying to Manhattan
Putting the mast up 1
Coming into New York City