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May 30, 2006



Dear Katya et al..
I get so excited each time I log into your site and get to read something new. I hope this gets to you, I'm not familiar with the typekey, typepad business.

All is going very well in Seattle, just waiting for baby, I'm a couple of days over my due date, but as you know that doesn't mean too much. I feel like a million bucks, sleeping fine, eating fine, no cause for complaint.

School doesn't end for one more week, so I'm hoping to get through the last of it with my kids and then deliver next week sometime...we'll see!

The pregnancy has been very easy. I am planning to deliver in a birth center, with a Patrick as my coach. We've been preparing using some of the Bradley Method philosophy, and I really am excited about his role in the process. He has taken great care in wanting to know his role and do it well. I don't know Katy, life sure has a way of shifting directions without your knowledge until it's too late and you realize you are in completely different surroundings. These of which I love.

Have a fantastic week of preparation, I'll keep you posted on baby updates.

Love you!!!

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